April 25, 2013

Certificate in Farm Business Management

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, in partnership with the USDA-Farm Service Agency, launches a new training program in farm productivity and financial analysis: Farm Enterprise Productivity Analysis (FEPA) and Farm Accounting and Financial Analysis (FAFA). To complete the two courses, students will meet once a week for four weeks and will receive approximately 24 hours of instruction.

This is an effort by Clemson University to improve the quality of decision making in agribusiness management and to promote the enlargement of the agricultural business segment in South Carolina in this current multi-enterprise environment.

The instructor will be Clemson Extension Economist and Instructor Wilder Ferreira. Mr. Ferreira has been appointed by Clemson University to conduct production and/or financial management training for FSA borrowers.

He teaches AGM319 Agribusiness Decision Analysis and AGM419 Ag Entrepreneurship courses at Clemson University. He designed this outreach training (FAFA and FEPA) to teach students how to gain confidence in understanding their own farm budgets, their own accounting data and be able to plan the farm business actions, and to identify financial strategies for the farm business.
Courses will be offered this spring at the Clemson Extension office in Grenville and at Clemson University. To find most current information about dates and locations, please, visit
Training is hands on. Participants make use of computers to enter the information they have collected to better understand the subject. PowerPoint slides are used as a reference tool, and the use of Excel is highly emphasized in all training programs.
Training is interactive. Participants interact with other participants to make sure the concept is well understood and with the instructor to verify the learning content was mastered. The training involves integrating multimedia materials and interactive learning experiences to promote in-depth understanding. Students must complete the instructional modules and receive a passing grade of 70% or higher on a final examination to receive a certificate of completion.

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